About Us

About Us

We Draw Pictures was founded in 2014 and in our relatively short existence as an agency we’ve been able to create some pretty amazing apps, unrivalled user experiences and inventive creative processes.

We’re a creative agency that takes pride in delivering quality in everything we do, obsessive in some ways you could say.

We work with our clients to create engaging experiences for their users across web apps and websites, mobile apps for iOS and Android and amazing brand pieces that in essence reflect who they are as a business.

Our Services

  • Branding & Identity Development
  • Website and Web App Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile App Design iOS & Android
  • Product Development

Sketching is an important part of our process

Our Process - Product Design

We start with a stakeholder workshop, here we work with you every step of the way to understand what the pain is in your current process, what is stopping something from working the way it should.

We look at who your competitors are, what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong and see how we can use their strengths as yours and improve on them.

We create user surveys to learn more about what your users want from your product (mobile app or website) and if the offering you have appeals to them.

We analyse who your users are through a set of personas based around the feedback from the survey and use these and ways to map user flows of your mobile app or website.

User flows will help us determine how users will move around your product and allow us to start creating scenarios of what we think users will do and what their expected response or next actions will be.

We map the scenarios of how your product will be used. We look at the tasks at hand needed for a user to complete a set of processes that would be classed as successful in your app or website. We also try to find the areas that create problems and align them to be successful scenarios.

Having pinned down these fundamental element we begin wire framing your mobile app or website. Wireframes are a loose visual layout showing all the functionality of your product. We take the wireframes and create a set of simple click builds, so that you can see how your users will navigate through your product.

Once we’ve finalised the wireframes and have the click builds in place we move on to creating the visual and interaction design languages for your product. During this process we create high fidelity prototypes of your app or website so that you can get a real feel for it.

Finally we all high five and celebrate as we release the product to nothing but cheers and amazing feedback from users and look at how we can improve the product.

We help you make the most of your brand

Our Process - Branding

When we approach a branding project, we always start with ideas. We sit down and have a good long think about what the company is trying to say and how do they want to be seen to their users.

With this, we start with initial concepts and work from there. All the ideas are born from core values, shapes and colour psychology.


Looking at typography, image styles and use of space really help us figure out the type of voice the company should have. Whether it be at the forefront showing presence, or sitting quiet and confident in the background.

We work closely with the you to ensure that these right ideas meet the right expectations. Mood boarding from both sides help us determine the positives and negatives. Weekly meet ups and workshops ensure this process is working effectively. We use this information to move forward in the journey and the idea really begins to take shape.

Applying these marks and devices to sector specific materials show you how the execution can be flexible whilst maintaining a level of consistency. 

Finally we produce a toolkit of assets, along with brand guidelines, so you can start to have fun with your shiny new look.